Y mouse input causing entire model to rotate not just the camera

In the https://www.gamedev.tv/courses/unreal-stealth-combat course I just finished the input section. I can translate and rotate around the z axis (yaw) just fine, but I have one of two problems:

  1. In the starting situation the camera wouldn’t go up or down (pitch)
  2. I found a pawn setting to allow pitch, but now the entire model rotates so if I move the camera up above the player model facing the floor

In the instructor’s video the model rotates left and right but does not flip forward but I can’t tell where in the video this is enabled.

Hi and welcome to the community. I am just looking at this now and implemented it exactly as in the course and it works. Your blueprint is correct so I’m wondering if this is related to the spring arm. There’s a check called Use Pawn Control Rotation and this should be checked. I don’t recall there being anything else set there but this does work.

Can you confirm the version of UE you are following with?

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that was the part I missed, thanks! quick followup question: what is ‘pawn controller rotation’ vs. whatever the rotation of the model is called?

The pawn has a motion controller and it is that rotation it refers to. It means when you apply the rotation to the motion controller, the spring arm gets rotated instead.

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