Xcode Indexing

Hi, I just created the BuildingEscape project in Unreal. It started Xcode and it’s stuck on indexing. Both Unreal and Xcode are fresh installs. Unreal version is 4.19 and Xcode version is 10. Can anyone help me explain what’s going on? Just running Xcode and Unreal editor without doing anything is using 95% of my ram. (8gb ram). I am on macOS High Sierra.

@ben and @sampattuzzi Could any of you please help me out? This issue has completely stopped my learning.

Unreal does use a lot of RAM and your machine seems on the lower end of the recommend specs there. As for indexing. This takes a long time but you can use Xcode while it does that.

Thanks for the reply Sam. The problem was that Xcode was being stuck on processing files for indexing. And would use all my RAM. I used bootcamp and installed windows. Everything runs fine now. I guess there is some corrupt file which isn’t letting Xcode work.

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