Xcode Indexing and the cloud

I am using iCloud to save my projects so I can use them in multiple locations. Indexing runs every time I move from one computer to the other…so…I changed my derived data directory to relative to workspace in Xcode so I don’t have to index every time. Is this the right way to do that? Or what is the proper way to use a cloud service with Unreal and Xcode

I would suggest using source control such as GitHub, ignoring files as we show in the course.

I can use GitHub for the indexing part of Xcode? I will look into that. Thanks Ben!

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Indexing is basically XCODE process to see which files are in your directory and also examine their content , then it builds a database out of this that allows it to do context based tasks, the most popular being code completion.

There is a bug in current XCODE that make indexing work forever which lead me to use another IDE , CodeLite which Unreal also supports.

iCloud is a bad idea because versioning files manually is a pain in the hat, git and github take this tedious task off your shoulders and helps to version your files with ease and also has a lot of other nice tricks to help you keep track of you project and to undo mistakes even if they occurred years before.

I made a game with a team recently that insisted in using Dropbox under the excuse that we did not have time to finish the game in one week that was the Unreal Game Jam. Suffice to say I suffered so much the first days with syncing zips of our packed game that I taught them how to use git and github it 2 hours and we boosted our productivity a lot more after that.

Sometime you have to spend time to avoid spending even more time.

Lesson Learned: Force people to learn git and git (or whatever other version control system, I dont care) even if they hate you. They will love you down the road.

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