Xcode compile error deny file-read-data

I’m going through the Unity Mobile C# Developer with my son. We’re in the Building to IOS section of the Ball Launcher tutorial. We installed Xcode on my macBook, and enable developer tools on both my macBook and my iPhone (because I wasn’t sure where Xcode was telling me to enable it). The compile fails with 3 deny file-read-data errors and I can’t find a posts that tell me what it’s complaining about and how to resolve it.


I’m afraid, without access to a Mac or iOS device, that I’m not a great deal of help diagnosing XCode and iOS issues. I suggest you taking this to the Unity Forums (https://forum.unity.com/forums/ios-and-tvos.27/).

I’m disappointed with your response, I expected more help from the tutorial developer. The tutorial shows publishing to from a Mac to an iPhone, so I suspect someone at GameDev.tv has resources.

I did find the following post about a bug in the current versions of Unity, or maybe the actual bug is in the Unity to Xcode import.

I downloaded and opened the Ball Launcher project in an older version of Unity and rebuilt the project and that resolved the issue.

I apologize I wasn’t able to be more help with this issue. I help where I can, but do not have access to a Mac, nor do I have an iPhone, and I have not seen this particular issue before. When I have the answers at hand, I do my best to provide them. I’ve found when the answer isn’t at hand, that rather than wasting your time, guiding you to the forum at Unity that can answer that question far more rapidly is the best course of action.

I have added this bug to my links for future reference.

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