WW2 Truck

I made this for a Game I’m planning on making

any advice on improvements?


Maybe the tent cloth is too shiny?
Glass in the lights?


I was hoping someone would see that - didn’t want to seem picky or trite. The truck looks great to me; it also looks (in general) like it hasn’t left the showroom yet =)


and BH67. definitely good points! for a game should I be making roughness, metallic, bump maps and transparency layers or would you find a balance in a single texture map with some painted on dirt and decals for lights and windows?

I’ve been watching various tutorials and the all seem to gloss over shading, some select vertex groups and add pre made textures while others just drag and drop what I assume is a complete atlas. for making an unreal asset do you guys have a tutorial you would recommend

I have a few more vehicles to make for this game and id like to improve my workflow this took a good 10-12 hours to get to this point. (I haven’t textured it yet)

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I’m not very familiar with UE, but NP5 put up a wiki post about importing from Blender to UE (it’s just a video link). Did you check that one yet?

As for which approach to take, my (very much non-expert) opinion is that there are two major things to take into consideration:

  • How sophisticated is the graphics style of your game? Is this going to make use of all the new UE5 features like Lumen and whatnot, or is it going to look more like, say, Viscera Cleanup Detail? Both perfectly valid, but imply very different requirements.
  • How closely is the player ever going to look at this particular asset? If they’ll be driving the truck, that’s going to demand more detail than if it’s just a random object kinematically shuffled and teleported along a highway outside the playable area.

I mean, there’s really nothing inherently wrong with using an atlas either - it all just comes down to what best fits your use-case. Good luck; these look very solid so far =)


Bh67 and @FedPete Ok I think I’ve got most of what you recommended done. Much happier with this, way more detail with ¼ the vertices


Nicely done =)

Have you built much of the setting yet? The reason I ask is because once you have some kind of an example level or similar, you’ll be more able to see if anything is still missing. You’re well on your way :+1:


I have an almost finished game (I think) I need to create 2 models and create animations for them then hopefully publish the game and if it pays well enough to keep going also need to create some cut scenes with the assets I’ve made.


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