Wrong Position

I think my World Position Value is wrong. The Square for the defenders is not 1x1 world size. I think so. But I do not know where to check my size of the Square. Here is the link of my problem, you could see it in the video: https://vimeo.com/472089238
The code is the same, but I think something wrong in the Inspector of some GameObject, so I also snap pictures of each GameObject in the game.

My game is also 1920x1080. Here is my Square size: 192x234

Hi @Tokado_Hayashi,

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You are right. See the Inspector of your last screenshot:


The width and the height are not equal, hence the tile is not a square.

Is there anything else ? Or it is not a square and it is the only thing matter?

I realize what’s wrong right here! It is because the size of my soldier(defender), it is much bigger than the Cactus, that’s why there is such narrow space between defenders. Therefore, it is not fit to my game, I need to resize the Defenders…

How are you getting on with this, @Tokado_Hayashi? Did resizing the defenders solve the problem?