Wrong Floor Level on Oculus

Hey all!
I am with a problem with the floor level on Oculus. I just realized in this video. I thought that it was because I was sitting. But the floor level does not match the real floor. I tried a little bit of everything and almost broke the project (again. I do this frequently).
Do anyone had this problem too? Is it only in Oculus? Thank you!

I’ve not experienced this with the Oculus but I did have issues with the WMR headsets and I had to add a camera offset to correct it.

Which version of UE were you using? I was using 4.24 when I encountered this.

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I am using Unreal 4.27. I tried to offset the camera by C++. It was not a good idea. Did you use blueprint?

No, it was C++ but I don’t even remember what I did. It could be you need to reset the boundaries or recalibrate the stationary level for it to work

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