WoW Style Orc Before Alphas

I tried to somewhat adapt the style of the orcs from the WoW movie…


This is looking really good =)
Was everything made inside blender or you used zbruhs?


But is he natty?!? :laughing:
Nice orc, looks like it took a fair amount of hours. Is your computer slowing down with that vert count yet?

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Hi, thanks a lot!

No this is all Blender, I don’t have zbrush.
Apart from a few Grant Abbitt Youtube videos, this is my first real take on sculping software.
I heard zbrush was paid and Blender could do more or less the same, so in my cheapness I went for the latter(:


Yea, he definitely sipped on the juice more than once… However, Orc alpha genetics comes in handy as well(:

PC slowly reaches its limits and is noticeably slower but its still quite manageable to work with, as long as I stay away from certain things… like Dyntopo


Welcome to this site.
Take some time to look around and take part.

He is looking great! Full hands too.

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Thx a lot, I will :+1:t4:

Wow really stunning piece of art.

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Thank you :grinning:

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