WOW.... my first ever game

Thank u so much… I am a noob to coding. Professionally, I am a physics teacher and an ardent gamer…
Plz try to finish the first stage of my “Tank o Fury” version of Laser Defendor

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Well done Anshul, nice to see something different come from a laser defender concept.

I haven’t been able to complete the first stage, seems a bit too difficult, unless I’m missing something?

A little bit of feedback for you;

  • The “Controls” information is only provided within the “Practice” scene, if a player doesn’t use “Practice” (as I didn’t :roll_eyes: you don’t find out about reload (this was the something I was missing!)
  • Once you move from the main screen into “Start”, when you die, whilst you can “Retry”, you cannot get back to the main menu, the same is true of the “Practice” scene, this leaves the player thinking they are stuck in that mode.
  • You can turn the tank all the way around if you hold down the A or D keys, it would benefit perhaps from constraints, maybe 45 degrees for example in either direction;
  • The right arrow key to shoot felt a little counter-intuitive, my thumb was already resting on the space bad etc
  • The ability to reload made the game significantly easier, but there doesn’t appear to be any cost to reload, e.g. there is no reason to not just be wasteful with your ammo and keep reloading
  • The shells the player fires don’t quite reach the far right of the screen, they just disappear, this gives you the ability to stop, take aim, but then cause no damage, despite the shells exploding over an enemy. On this note, the soliders are able to still fire and hit the player at the same distance!

The above are just a few things I spotted whilst playing your game, I like the imagery you have used, the background, the sprites and the sound effects fit well. Some ideas for further enhancements;

  • Options on the main menu screen to include key binding configuration

  • Music/Background Sounds - this would add to the ambience of your game, volume controls could be added to the Options screen

  • Pause - the ability to pause the game, this could launch a modal popup which buttons to restart, continue, options, quit etc

  • Limited Ammo - you could add a cost for reloading, e.g. perhaps the player only has so much ammo in total to use for a specific level

  • Score - something to encourage the player by giving them a sense of progress.

    If you were to alter your enemy mechanic slightly, perhaps they don’t get dragged for example with the player, this would mean that there would be enemies that could be missed and as such scores wouldn’t be the same for every level/player.

    Additionally, if you did factor in ammo limitations, you could then award a bonus if they player used less than a certain amount, in the way Angry Birds for example awards stars if you complete the level with so many birds remaining

  • Obstacles and Hazards - you could add some items on the terrain for the player to avoid, perhaps some harm the player’s health like mines, others could just be annoying and slow the player down, like anti-tank traps, deep water to navigate around

  • Weather - having some clouds float over occasionally could be quite cool as it would provide an additional degree of challenge, as the enemy would be harder to see, these could be fairly random

  • Power-ups and downs - combined with hazards these could be quite interesting and fun

    Perhaps one is a speed boost, this would help negate a hazard which slows you down.
    Maybe one attaches a bulldozer blade to the front of the tank to help push passed specific hazards, or spining chains to take out mines etc.

    These could all be time limited but would give you the ability to design levels which require the player to use specific power-ups to over-come specific hazards/challenges

  • Collectibles - randomly appearing/posiitons collectibles that give the player an additional aim in the game, these could then be used to purchase upgrades for example

  • Purchases - you could provide an in-game shop for buying additional ammo, power-ups/upgrades etc, doesn’t have to be for real money, although if you wanted to monetise it this would be an obvious way to go, but it could be just through spending collectibles in game

  • Sides Scrolling - you could consider removing the control of the player moving to the right and have them pushed automatically, this would remove the amount of time the player has to think about the enemies and challenges that appear

  • Turret Airm - at the moment it points in the direction of movement, which means often, if I want to move to the top of the screen I can’t really fire at the enemies at the same time as the shells spread out and miss

Just a few ideas for you, I’m sure you have loads of your own! Your game has a lot of potential and it would be really great to see any further updates you make to it - please do share! :slight_smile:

Updated Fri Aug 17 2018 10:01

Just completed stage 1 :slight_smile: The map ran out though and there’s wasn’t a “Stage Completed” kinda thing. Enjoyed that, as I say, I think your game has a load of potential and well done on getting it this far! :slight_smile:

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Thank you so much Rob for giving so much time and thought to my work. I will definitely update my game as per your suggestions.
I have started the next section “Glitch Garden” on ,as I want to make games for mobiles so that more of my friends and students can play those.
I, eventually, want to be able to make games for teaching Physics to my students. I coach students for IIT-JEE (it’s one of the toughest exam to crack in India.)
Thanks again for all the suggestions.

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You are more than welcome Anshul, have fun with Glitch Garden, sounds like you have some great plans ahead of you - keep us updated :slight_smile:

Hi Rob…
Thanks to you guys, I honestly think I am going to be a full time game/developer. Before this course the only code I knew was an if-else statement.
I wrote more than 60 scripts in my first game on Google Play. I really want your opinion on it. I put unity ads/ unity IAP and even a bit of unity analytics in it… Please suggest me in which direction should I move from here ie. Making another 2d game or Taking multiplayer course or Learning AI / VR etc… I am a physics teacher from India, doing Game Dev. Instead of playing PS4/ pubg.
Gameplay Video link:

Google Play link:

PS: I uploaded my game by mistake on Google Play around 2 months back and even ran Google ads to get 1600 downloads spending 15-20 dollars. Then I stopped the ads . Finished the game totally last week and start advertising again on Google ads only. (Getting 30 download per dollar)


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