Wow, everyone here did such great work! Here's my not as good first car!

I’m looking around at everyone and wow, you guys are doing some stuff like I didn’t think would be possible with primitives and one color. I had to select my “windshield” just to give it the border to make it known.

I could have take all weekend to do some of the stuff I saw earlier, but I had have my step-daughters All-State Band Competition this afternoon. For just a quick little moment, I considered actually cheating and going ahead and making the prefab, but if I had done that I probably would have gone all out and turned in like a fully rendered carbe sometime tomorrow night, although it would still be a bad one because I’m barely qualified to use Photoshop or gIMP. (I’m also taking the beginners Blender course here for that very reason…rock on!!

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Yeah, time constraints will do it!
Hey, at least you got something done and you do have a nice gradiant of blue on the horizon! =)

Remember you don’t have to do your work in one session. Have fun with it… go online look for things that might give you an idea, try working with something till your happy with it. If it takes a week to get there no big deal, you are obviously busy.

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Nice pickup

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