Wow blender looks so good on my computer

He starts off the lecture with blender open.
But for some reason my blender looks like this:

Not only that but I cant close this window.

As you can see it is 64 bit blender on windows

OK, 2 questions . . . 1) Is this the first time you’ve tried to open Blender since you installed it, or if not the first time, 2) is this the first time it’s happened, even though it loaded up fine previously?

As far as the blank DOS-based window, Blender always opens a window like that while it’s loading up, and it will show some lines showing the process Blender is going through, and then it will disappear once Blender is fully open and ready for you to use. It’s never open long enough for me to try and close it, so I don’t know if that’s a unique problem you’re experiencing, or if it just won’t close because Blender is still loading.

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Its the first time I installed and first time I lauched. Eventually the window dissapears after about 5 minutes. Of upon blender does not launch. blender.exe shows up in my processes. I’m assuming it will dissapear in 5 minutes again.

This time after 10 minutes i randomly noticed blender running in the background. The differnce was I shut my computer off last night and turned it on again this morning.

But it is still rather odd that it sits there with a black console window for 5-10 minutes though before launching.

Windows 8 could very well be the culprit, but I went back and looked at the first screenshot you posted, and I think the reason it’s taking so long to launch is, you have Blender installed in Program Files. I skipped Windows Vista, and went from WinXP to Win7 Pro, but I remember reading somewhere it was a good idea to NOT install software in Program Files any more, as Windows Program Files had become too proprietary. IOW, Windows had even more control over the files in that folder than in earlier versions of Windows.

I keep all my applications installed in 2 directories I created at the Root of my C drive. IOW, I have a 2D Applications folder for my 2D software, and a 3D Applications folder for my 3D software, which is where I have Blender installed. How much of a difference it will make I can’t say, but you might try uninstalling Blender from it’s current location and try installing it in a folder directly on the C drive, for example, C:\Blender 2.78, or as I did, C:\3D Applications\Blender 2.78.

I have a lot of 3D software, so it made sense for me to create the 3D Applications folder, but if Blender is the only one you own, or plan to own, then placing it directly at the C:\ Root should help.

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