Would unity 2018 work?

Recently a new unity version came out, and im wondering if using it is fine. Or would it be better just to use unity 5 or 2017?

I always use the latest stable version, shouldn’t be a problem to use the 2017.3 (not sure about the 2018 though since it is still too early to say something). It may have a few methods that have changed since they made this section, although it is pretty simple to find the solutions online.

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Unity 2018 is in Beta so you are likely to experience errors.

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Ok, good to know.

It is sometimes also worth considering your own why, for example, why, do you wish to use 2018? Is there a specific feature that you are aware of that you feel is important to your project?

If it’s just a case of using the latest version for the sake of it, you are likely to be much better of with the last stable version as Johnny mentions.

Regarding the course, there won’t be any specific new features that matter, from the perspective of following along with the course, that’s not to say that there won’t be some cool features in 2017/2018 that you could of course use to enhance your own version of the game(s) from the course.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:


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