Working with Background images

I have been working on a motorcycle and volkswagon from 2 d blueprints. The views include front back top left, right… I make sure all of the blueprint images are identical in size and cut out perfectly. Yet no matter how many times i have done this the damned images don’t match up in size…is there some kind of trick to this I’m missing? When i say make a part from the top down view then switch to the right view location and size are always off and its so frustrating trying to get all the different views in alignment…usually takes making quite a few pieces in say the top down view then tweaking the other views size and exact position to get them all to match…i know the images are the exact same size and cut out perfectly so just don’t get why they don’t all match…anyone know what I’m doing wrong, what it could be?? I struggle ahead with the blueprints but its sooo damned difficult to get it all right when the views do not match up …im currently working on a harley and an older vw bug …images below…


Hey Man those are awesome make sure you share them when you get done. Be glad when I can make cool stuff like that. Keep up the great work

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