Feels like its getting worse… Anyways… maybe ill feel better after i brush it, trim it, get grass in…I think I really need to focus on deciding about exactly what my lighting is going to be for this scene. I moved it from being behind the rabbit to behind the camera and it has brought out glaring issues with my fur… hmmm

well.continued a bit. Still more to do… slow particle system work… Thinking gonna run through some colors next… guess i am starting to feel semi okay about it…

figure, I will just continue to post my updates, on my rabbit here on this thread.
Did a little changes to the fur, new main body particle system. I haven’t brushed it yet. I also change the color on the under coat_may play with the colors more. Also wanting to throw some others in the ear and cut them, make it look a little less uniform for better blend. Also I figure i am gonna need to redo the face around the eye… Which i have played with, however haven’t gotten a satisfactory enough result yet to include.

Well, this definitely is a challenging part of the class. Alright, so I have spent far too long on this. period. . . .and completely. . .and i am still not happy with it. I made a multitude of models. did the meta ball thing, then went back and tried out box method. I really enjoy the sculpting, so I get lost in that for hours. I didnt like the meta balls geometry at first… still dont really however they are really fun to use and do help with the joining of areas which can be a pain. My biggest issue with this is the particle systems… what they end up doing to blender… I think its mainly blender… not to say my computer likes it, however it seems to be more blender and definitely treading in the zone of crashing this plane. Anyways, its all good practice for me, and has really imprinted that I need to organize my work flow. Here, namely going through and making my weight paint areas before ever touching the particle system… even though I can go through and turn off visability, which is nice, I found that after the weight was applied to the particle system I could no longer edit it correctly. Like changes wouldnt apply… Sometimes, seemed easier to just delete the particle system and edit the weight and then create a new system using that vertex group.

another failed attempt. I was just using general colors for background while I was working on this one. I think I need to move on past this and get some distance. Revisit it later… In the name of being lean.

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