Won't commit files

I have finished the lesson, and I am ready to commit my files. The problem is: When I try to commit them it gives me this error:

`git -c diff.mnemonicprefix=false -c core.quotepath=false add -f – “BuildingEscape 4.17/.vs/BuildingEscape/v15/Solution.VC.db-wal” “BuildingEscape 4.17/.vs/BuildingEscape/v15/Solution.VC.db-shm” “BuildingEscape 4.17/.vs/BuildingEscape/v15/Browse.VC.opendb” “BuildingEscape 4.17/.vs/BuildingEscape/v15/.suo” “BuildingEscape 4.17/.vs/BuildingEscape/v15/ipch/AutoPCH/26c8e1130f278b52/OPENDOOR.ipch” “BuildingEscape 4.17/Content/NewMap_BuiltData.uasset” “BuildingEscape 4.17/Content/NewMap.umap” “BuildingEscape 4.17/Source/BuildingEscape/OpenDoor.h”
error: open(“BuildingEscape 4.17/.vs/BuildingEscape/v15/Browse.VC.opendb”): Permission denied
error: unable to index file BuildingEscape 4.17/.vs/BuildingEscape/v15/Browse.VC.opendb
fatal: adding files failed

Completed with errors, see above.`

I have no idea on what to do!

How about opening the SourceTree as administrator? Btw I always close both UE4 and VS before comitting so the temporary files -if any- go away and it doesn’t say that “Another program is using this” sort of thing. I hope it helps.

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Thank you, it worked! It still showed the error, but after I closed it, the files had all been staged! Thank you so much for your time, that really helped!

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