Woman head. Sculpting -> Retopology -> Rigging -> Animation

I’m playing with sculpting. It’s fun =)
I’ve finished with new one woman head.
(Not finished with textures yet)

UPD: added some hair and played with Riggify addon to make some face animation.

UPD2: rendered the video:


@Michael_Bridges, hello, I’ve tried new eevee render yesterday. Unfortunately I’ve faced with one issue regarding to glass shader. It looks black and not transparent :frowning:
May suggest that I’m doing something wrong there.

I would like to clarify will you update current course to blender 2.8 (new ui there and eevee render tricks) after stable version release?

Yeah Glass in Eevee a mixed issue at the moment, looks like you cannot have passthough and reflections at the same time currently, and that might never be possible, I am working on a couple of potential work arounds at the moment.

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