Wizard takes out flying one-eyed bats!

Particles, explosions, and sounds… oh my! :slight_smile:


I love it. The control looks great and the theme and visuals match well. Nice particle FX too. When can we play?

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Hey thanks so much :slight_smile: I’m definitely enjoying the project a lot - although, it’s been a little slower-going than Project Boost!

I only have about 20sec of VERY temporary gameplay at the start… rest of the level is open for opportunities! (AKA… I need to make the rest :stuck_out_tongue: ) I’m really looking forward to getting it out there for some feedback.

Open Level!

Thanks for the kind words! (How’s your project going?!)

I just made a mess of it all because in one of the lectures Ben says ‘lock the inspector’ … so of course I did and then couldn’t figure out why one type of obstacle had all the properties from another, so I started adding/changing/deleting stuff … .and then noticed, it was till locked from 10 mins earlier.

That and trying to be fancy with my movement has slowed me down.

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Oh nooo, that’s the worst… like forgetting to save in a game after a long play-session x.x Don’t let it get you down though - keep pushing! Your project boost was super rad. I can’t wait to see what your next stuff looks like :slight_smile:

Wish I could help with movement stuff, but I’m still learning too. :nerd_face:

The particle FX are looking great and are a perfect fit for the art style :smile:

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Yay - thank you for feedback! It’s coming along :slight_smile:

I struggled to figure out what “magic bullets” look like, so I’m using soft blue orbs for now… But, not sure if I’m sold. So, totally open to ideas. (Lasers don’t really seem to fit :stuck_out_tongue: )

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Seems like a totally natural fit to me. Blue orbs is exactly what I saw them as… like a magic ball of plasma. The fact that it never even registered in my mind to second guess the look leads me to believe it’s a great fit

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Yaass! Exactly how I was imagining too :smiley: WOO! flex


Keep up the great level of enthusiasm, it will definitely serve you well for game dev! :video_game::grinning::clap:

Looks good, i like the more cheerfull colors compare to the darkness in aragon assault. I want to go in to the more “cartoony” way myself now when i start this part of the course :smile:

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Thanks for the feedback :slight_smile: I’m a sucker for colorful low-poly style!

I prefer how this version looks, but it’s definitely made everything a bit more slow-going than if I had stayed with the video’s theme/assets. (Worth it, IMO!)

Can’t wait to see what you make :smiley:

Wow - liking it a lot - you’ve taken you wizard theme to the next level.

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