Wizard (Laser) Defender progress video

Having a lot of fun with this course, figured I’d share a vid of the first project I took some liberties in assets and gameplay with.

The base concept if you a wizard fresh from training. But you step out of your isolated tower to discover that super dumb robots have taken over the lands. It is your job wizard defender, to clean up the mean streets and make it safe for people to go get some milk again.

Gave everything collision, made bullets shootable and physics objects. The result is hilarious in my opinion.

Link to my video portfolio

It does look hilarious, I love how the “bullets” bounce off the tanks, I also loved that friendly fire.

My only suggestion would be to make the video easier to access, I had to click like 4 times on different places to see it.

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Sorry, put the site together in like 10 min -.- not really an area of expertise for me

thanks for the feedback!

Hopefully this link is less confusing:

View video here

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