With OpenAI Sora, do we still need Blender?


And that’s my answer related to anything AI: Humans are a species of creators. And to some extent, we will always yearn for art conceived by our own minds and “hands”.

… Seems like a neat tool, though :smiley:


Hmm, instead of a mouse driven UI and functionality provided by Blender to create content.
I use text or speech to communicate with an AI to create content.
I’m still creative and creating things!
I only use a different tool, which creates better realistic content.
So do we need Blender?


Ha… well, there’s no reason Blender couldn’t incorporate text/speech prompt features, too!

What I’m getting at is the difference between providing a prompt and hoping that the right final product is generated for you, and providing a prompt to specifically facilitate the inner motivations of your mind as one of many steps in creating a final product.

Sora seems tailored for the former, while Blender’s is made for the latter.

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Definitely liking what CypherPoet is getting at here. I can tell you’re playing devil’s advocate a little FedPete; the thing is, we will definitely still need Blender and other such software to tweak and edit the things AI generates. If AI can save you 90% of the busy-work and/or inspire (or even educate) you with new shapes and designs, that’s awesome, but giving AI a prompt will usually only get you within a stone’s throw of your vision. The rest is up to you, and then the limit becomes your own imagination and skillset (thanks GameDev.tv).

Script kiddie with no skillset? Well I hope you’ve got a thesaurus and a reeeeeally long textbox for that prompt, lol!

Until we have complete brain-to-software interfaces capable of perfectly interpreting, replicating, and encoding any and all thoughts we pump through it, and we can do so with the same level of expression freedom we get with open-source software (no censorship that we don’t opt into), there will surely still be a place for powerful tools like Blender. And quite frankly, I wouldn’t be surprised in the least if Blender is part of that leading edge when we get there =)

Interesting to think about.


It depends. People in it for money or work may well use such things when they are good enough to for longer clips that can be made into a story, film, sort of thing.

However. Photography did not stop people painting and drawing. But did remove a lot of paid work that had required those activities. Plus distorted the money makers of painting to junk that is not real or able to be photographed. Avoidance of the competition.
Photography has actually lost work to 3d, with lots of images in adverts being generated no photographed in studios any more.

Photography has its own ‘creativity’ in different ways to painting as well.

Words as prompts will have limitations, and creative chance, luck, of it’s own. Probably still got a long way to go to be controllable enough to have a purpose but it may well do so in time.

The point is for humans the activity and the pleasure is all in ‘doing’ ‘making’, not the end result and earning. Doing anything for money is different, whatever you do.


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