Wish i knew i should have accounted for a 45 degree ramp

i have a mess of extrudes now because i didnt know i would be accounting for a perfect 45 degree ramp.


Agreed, we were encouraged to build our own pyramid and ramp and yet the instructor assumes we did it exactly the way that he then does. It is highly likely that our pyramid ramp will not have a 45 degree angle, and I really wish he accounts for this, at the very least providing a way to fix it if it isn’t 45 degrees.

There is one point where he warns that “keeping the ramp to a 45 degree angle will make the next steps easier”. Also, remember that the array modifier does not require that the stairs have the same step length and riser height, my first pyramid didn’t and I ended up spending a half hour or so just getting the steps to line up right with the modifier.

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