WIP - progress pool animation "Stress ball #2"

I’ve created several animations using the ball. Using the different type of techniques. I going for a full animation movie. I keep it simple in the number of objects and faces.

I used the OpenGL a lot, to see if the animation goes well. Last night I did a test render (one scene) with Blender Cycles. Then I discovered a quirk in my project. I Must say I’m happy with the work flow.
Breaking the project up in simple scenes, doing some test runs to see it happen.

Now I’m thinking that it would be easy to enhance the LOD, for some objects. And thus creating a more pleasing scenery. But for now I am going for simplicity.

Here is a frame of animation in progress, using OpenGL.

I am using two Blender applications. One is rendering an animation using GPU. And in the second one, I’m modeling, animation in CPU mode.

Fast render times.

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