[WIP / modeling + rigging] Lamp animation - 03/12/2016 update

Not going to be a conventional lamp by any means…

Because where is the fun copying the teacher?

Will be updating as I go along New at top:

Update 03/12/2016:
Managed to rig the fingers, YAY!

Update 30/11:
Google to the rescue =>
(A bit of searching and tweaking and I managed to rig the pistons along with the arms :tada:) :

UPDATE 30/11:
(Not sure how people see these pictures, I have 2 monitors and I just realized that the renders look dark on my secondary one while looking fine on the main one… :confused: )

Base: 29/11


Excellent work! I like it. Well done, I mean well WIP! :smiley:

Thank you, hope I won’t get stuck for too long in this section though, eagerly waiting for the sculpting/organic sections ( My weak side atm )

Same here. I’m starting to obsess about my lamp. I have in my head what it should look like, but I’m not there yet and I don’t have the skills yet that I need. I’ll keep moving forward.

Rigged fingers.
Used blenders “Shape keys”:

Watch this:

The fingers are really impressive. I watched the video and I see what you mean with the shape keys and the finger animation. So you can basically move the mesh from the start to the final position for the fingers and essentially assign a slider to it. Brilliant!

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