WIP - Compose alien robo ufo

Just a test render run in Eevee.


There is something strange going on with the “glass” as we cannot see the background through it, actually showing white? (You used light path maybe?)

There is always a white haze … it is the reflection of the outside.

Using old school, I can not make it work.

This is what some people say.
When using Eevee, set transmission to 1.
Blend mode from opague to additive.

Addditive is not good…
Try Alpha Blend, Alpha Clip, Alpha Hashed and look which works best.
Setting transmission to 1 you need to enable refraction
Revisit the other topic where I show you my nodes. Should work.

It’s improved now. Used How To Make A Glass with Material In Blender 2.8 & Eevee


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