Winter Bishops

Here are my Bishops in 2.8. Though decided to use cycles instead of eevee as it seemed to be easier to get the look I wanted.

For the “low poly” model decided to go for a couple of extra loops. Just a matter of personal taste.
With the “high poly” I found a strange bug. The creases I added seem to mess with the geometry and create a strange “wavy” edge instead of a soft one. May be needed to subdivide more. As a texture - just a simple color ramp after a separated Z vector from a texture coordinate. So in fact, there is no “snow”, those are just white stripes.


Hey! That’s very interesting!
Could you show the nodes of the fake snow?

Sure! But those are really simple :wink:

And… no third color needed (I used dark blue) just, move the black one to the right position.

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Ah now I see it!

Lol I didn’t understand by your description.
Like i didn’t really noticed the “white stripes” until I saw the nodes! I thought the stripes were just the reflection from the HDRI hahaha!

I thought that the snow you were talking about was from the background. Thought the original background was not snowy and you had made it so.

In any case, this nodes combined with some mix shader may be the way to put any other material to the top surfaces of an object! You could really make it look like snow or sand or whatever!

Hmmm, interesting. Indeed you can see those stripes as reflections too. Like that dress - was it white and gold or black and blue :wink:

I was thinking about the snow or an icy layer on the chess grid though, but decided it is a bit too much asking from myself at the moment.

Look at this:


Wow! Thanks! That is a nice inspiration to move one step further from where I stopped the last time :wink:

Well, this section is not about the materials at all. But could I not continue to work on my Winter Bishop after the comment by @capa14?

After some tweaks. BTW, any other advice for further improvement are very welcome.



And you were also able to add the ice layer to the board as well!
Is that a texture or is it procedural too?

All procedural. Similar set as yours, just used a noise texture with a low scale (3, 6 or 9 I guess). For color, roughness (via the invert node) and bump.


Could you post the nodes of this too?
I think I understood, but maybe seeing the nodes may trigger some other ideas :wink:

Well, wanted to do it in the first place, but the blend file got corrupted. Fortunately I still could append.

For the grid:

For the Bishop:

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So you added another plane on top of the chessboard, right?

No… Thought about this first, but… no. Used the ice on the black material only (as it would not be much of visibility on white). White left just white.


Well it would depend on the angle of the camera and the lighting, but if you have diferent roughness and white tone of the ice and the stone itself may be visible for the white too.
But then, because you are using different objects and two materials you may have some continuity problems

I have some ideas to make this work for the white pieces too. If you want to hear let me know :smile:

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All true. Just the rule I followed was - once you can cheat and save efforts, render times etc, just do it :wink: A very good one in Photography, CG and 3D. But yes, it all depends on the situation.

Curious to what you come up with.

Kinda melting I guess… but…


The material here is not much different than what you came up with, however instead of using multiple square objects I used just one… (actually used a circle but doesn’t matter)
And applied this material to it:

Now the real thing that made difference was the lighting, if you can’t see the shine of the bump it looks like it’s all plain almost…

So I did it like this…

Now If I make it only “white” (actually not pure white but doesn’t really matter too)

Same material I just unpluged the Color and set it.

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Great effect of a frozen chess board!

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