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Hello, I’m thinking about taking this class and I have a Windows Mixed Reality HMD. Will that work for this class or should I wait for one in Unity. I’ve read that Unreal 4.19 is a little buggy when it comes to WMR. I spend almost all of my VR time in Steam and it works pretty well there. Thanks

…Well, I signed up for the class so I guess I’ll find out. :slight_smile:

Jorgen, How did you find it? My biggest grumble with UE is the fact you can’t set up an axis with the sticks for movement.

I just got the HP headset recently (a week ago) but have used them and the Vive in the past with Unity.

Hi bee, Honestly I put this class on hold for a while. I’ve been taking a different class that uses Unity. I’m just about done with that one so maybe its time to pick this one up again… My WMR works great in Unity, Microsoft has one SDK for it that works for their VR and the Hololens.

Yeah. I used unity a lot. My office does VR training apps for oil and pharma industries. But compared to unreal, unity looks less polished.

Unity is easier but Where’s the fun in that.
Thanks for writing back.

We have 2 vives, 2 hp headsets, an oculus and 2 hololens as well.

I was gonna save for a vive or oculus but then I got the HP for 150 euro.

Yes, UE4 was always my first choice but it didn’t seem like it was quite there yet for WMR. Now that I know a little more about VR theory I’d like to jump back in this class.

That’s cool that you do VR training. I’m actually interested in making VR training for CNC manufacturing.

It still looks like it lacks in a couple of areas. You can’t use the thumb sticks for example. But that’s the steam VR integration. I’ve only been using it for a week, a few hours at that so still have a way to go.

Well maybe when the new Hololens comes out Epic will move it up their priority list. Its good to meet you, hope to see you around this class. -Jorgen

I saw something about native WMR for 4.21 but information is sparse.

Give me a shout any time. I am on discord as well. I sometimes post there.

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