Window Class?

I’ve created the room, and I’ve created the windows by alt-dragging as described.

However, if I want to change the dimensions, say of all the windows, I have to edit all of them. I thought it would be possible to create a Class called window so that editing the class would result in a change to all instances of the class.

I’ve selected a window and clicked the blueprints button (Converts this actor into a reusable Blueprint class that can have script behavior) and called it BP_Window.

I then drag it onto the Viewport but can’t do anything with it. I thought it might be because the Window is subtractive but there doesn’t seem to be an option to change that.

Is what I am trying sensible or stupid? If sensible, can I have some hints as to how to proceed?

I’m curious as to how you managed that as Unreal won’t let me. You can’t create blueprints out of geometry.

You can edit multiple at a time. Though you would most likely need to re-position each individually. You could also either use editor scripting:

Or create a mesh out of one wall/window area by selecting both brushes and using Create Static Mesh within the details and then place multiples of those.

Wrg your question; simply as stated. I’m using 5.3.2 so perhaps that’s a difference and the creation is actually a child of actor, as that is the only thing it would allow me to create. I was grasping at straws.
I find it odd that in a language that has class structures, an obvious situation where one would be of use is not allowed.
Thanks for answering.

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