Will there be more content?

Hello, thank you for this course. I’ve been waiting so long for a quality Godot course, and so far I’m really enjoying it.

My question is concerning content. I know that eventually the course will have a second half to it, done in C#. At the moment I don’t have an interest in C#, or 3d for that matter, but I will be doing it because it seems like a good popular language, and I will do the 3d content because I’m sure there will be things in that section to learn. but, Will there be more content added to the course as a whole though? More game types etc similar to what is being done to the unity course? Or is the game plan to use this one primarily as an “introductory” and then make more courses that focus on game type? Either way, thank you again, looking forward to finishing this one and any others you release on the engine.

Hi Drew!

There’s one more section coming - I’m busy prototyping it at the moment (and trying to find and get rid of one particularly weird bug". Once that’s done and we add the C# content in we estimate the course will be around 40 hours, which is pretty big.

This course is designed to be an introductory course - it’s quite possible that I’ll make more Godot courses afterwards, but there’s no fixed decision in place there. I really want to make more Godot courses, but we’ll have to make sure the demand is there.

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Yann, thank you for responding. Glad to know there’s at least a little more coming, and hopefully I will have a good enough grasp on GD script when I’m finished to carry on. I agree, 40 hours is pretty hefty. Thats one of the things I like about the courses you guys put out; quality AND quantity. Looking forward to see what you have in the pipeline. Don’t worry, I would guess there’s a lot of people like me clamoring for Godot content :slight_smile:

I’d love to have a second course after 3.1 releases focusing on new game types, GDScript, and maybe new features from 3.1!

I’m doing the Unity 2D, Unity 3D and Godot Courses, and I gotta say Godot is my favorite engine for now, and the Godot Course as well! Since Godot is more straightworward and GDScript also seems easier to teach, the Godot Course seems to go at a much greater pace than the Unity courses! Not that I’m not enjoying or learning a lot with Unity, I am, and I’m also bringing a lot of what I learned on the Unity Courses to my Godot Projects, it just seems like Godot can get to more advanced game logic or programming patterns faster or more effortlessly than Unity.

I guess I’d love to see something about procedural generation, in any of the courses. Anyway I’m digressing, my original focus on this reply was just to say: “Yann and all the GameDev.TV team, thank you sooo much for this Godot Course, and I hope there’s demand for a second one as I’ll be one of the first people in line for it!”

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