Will add spawning of actual bullcows

To add the following:

Spawn, in a specific area (maybe towards the hill or elsewhere), the actual bulls and cows.
Bulls are just big cows. (same model, much bigger. maybe different tint or something basic)
Have them move around using super basic AI pathfinding (something like Unity’s NavMesh - I’m sure that exists in Unreal, might look ahead in the course for it). No animation, just move the mesh around.
When the game is restarted (won or lost), de-spawn them. Use object pooling.

When this is done, maybe add features designed by the others on the forum (but without looking at their code, of course).

Did it!
It was quite a challenge. I do have Unity experience, but a lot of stuff works quite differently here - and I’m not an expert programmer in Unity either, anyway.
There’s still a bug, as you can see in the video: some of the bulls don’t move - will investigate. But for now, I’m posting a video of it as it is.
I used Blueprints to prototype the logic before implementing the pooling, then translated that into code with a lot of googling and a bit of peeking at a later lesson in this course.
Here’s the video:

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