Why use delegates and why think the observer pattern

Hi I’m here to explain what I belive to why use deletage and trust on Observe pattern
First for delegates it’s because is more easy and fast to processor to run this because we can use only one method or function of an entire script and this is less instruction to the processor ask task it’s like whe the game being the CursorAffordance need be seted with the data of value of the layer where the mouse raycast are hitting and to di this I only need on the CameraRaycast say to CursorAffordance (Execution flow) the new layer and on all time when change, and with a bonus send the right layer to CursorAffordance.cs (data flow).
Well why need listen to the Observe patter? Well only to make this job think run all right more organized and objective (abstract mind) to be more lighter on process of console, PC or Mobiles.

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