Why the extra set position?

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I have a question about the branching generator we made in the lecture Creating the Trunk & Branches. In the lecture we generated points on a curve line (our trunk) which we then used to generate more curve lines (the primary branches). We did however not use the position input on the Points node inside our branching generator, but instead used a separate Set Position node.

I looked up the Points node blender documentation to make sense of that. I would assume the Note box is explaining why we didnt use the position on the Points node, but I still can not really make sense of why, maybe because i am new to geometry nodes and lack some background knowledge either about geometry nodes themselves or where we are going with this setup.

Does anyone have an idea why?

Thanks so much in advance!

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My guess? Because that is what works when it was done.

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Given how often the set position node is used, I think it was probably just instinctual on his part.

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Well the good thing then is that if I do not remember to use Set Position when I am off trying out my own geometry nodes setups it would not be a problem then :D.

If by the end of the course material available so far anything comes up that explains why, I will come back to this thread and leave a comment so others know why, but until then lets go with the assumption that using or not using a separate set position node does not really matter, at least not for Blender 4 release


I used a Set Position here because I had planned on using the Selection input at one point, however I decided to leave that part out (there was going to be broken branches too, but things just got a bit too complex for a beginner course!!).
However, having Selection and Offset might come in useful if you decide to take this system further. And its not much of an optimisation to remove that single node so it doesn’t hurt to have it.


Thanks for clarifying Stephen! I think its really helpful to understand the why behind a process when doing courses so Im sure your comment will be really helpful to other students too :slight_smile:


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