Why the bouncing of the ball is getting slower

My Ball fall down properly but when it bounce more, it getting more slower.
Why the bouncing of the ball is getting slower?
I don’t know where did i go wrong.
counldt upload the videos because it is too big.
Can someone help me out??
thanks in advance.

I have no info of your game so it would be hard to help, but i’ll suggest you try setting the gravity to 0 if that isn’t already done.

It is physics or bounciness setting. Gravity manipulation will work but may not produce the desired results. One of the settings relates to how the bounce reflects energy back, I just remember what it is called. Could be under the material too

Ok quick google. Bounciness under physics material. 1 is no energy loss and 0 is full energy loss, ie no bounce

Hi Kelvin,

Rick fixes the issue in lecture “Fraction Too Much Friction” (currently #61). Have you already watched that lecture?

I’ve already watched this lecture and changed the Friction from 0.4 to 0, it still didnt work.

Please remove the Physics2D material.

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