Why so many commands not readable (Lecture70)


I would like to know how I could get rid of all the red underlines on my command; it seems like it’s causing one of the problems as I run the program later. What should I declare early on?

Please let me know. Thank you.

Hi, I’m having the same issue. Its not interfering with the performance of the code at run time but it is affecting my ability to spot genuine errors as there is already so much red!

I look forward to hearing from someone smarter than me! :wink:

try this in your opendoor header file:

#pragma once

#include “Engine/World.h”
#include “GameFramework/PlayerController.h”
#include “Engine/TriggerVolume.h”
#include “CoreMinimal.h”
#include “Components/ActorComponent.h”
#include “OpenDoor.generated.h”

Thanks Lionel, I had an ‘aha!’ moment and did what your suggesting. Thanks so much for the answer, I appreciate it :wink:

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