Why same mesh data?

Just a quick question here. Why is it needed to check if all the pawn objects have the same mesh data inside? What could get wrong? Or why is it so important in this scene?

As for what could go wrong… you could have missed one of the pawns, or one of them could have done something wierd and unexpected (this is a beta release atm).

As to its importance, good habits are easy to form and bad habits are hard to break. It is better to get into the habit of checking your work with simple scenes than wait untill you are making scenes with hundreds or thousands of objects to try and retrain yourself.

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I believe this is the eevee course of the chess pieces but the concept must remain the same but I didn’t watch the new lesson yet.

Judging by your question, I believe it’s to have consistent changes across all the same pieces.

Like if you duplicate a pawn with Shift+D instead of Alt+D you will have different mesh data for each, when you edit the mesh of one the others will remain the same…
With Alt+D you’ll have the same mesh data.

So If you want to change the shape of the pawn you don’t have to change all of them, just one will do because they all share the same Mesh data.

With Cycles you even reduce resource consumption by using linked objects

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Thank you, @capa14 and @Capricas_Kirito
It is more clear to me now. Good tips.
As for me I guess I missed the point of linked object sharing the same mesh data. But got it now. Have to check it in Blender to remember.

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