Why rotate the Shape module and not the particle system game object itself?

In the video Rick is opening the Shape module and rotating the X axis to align the particles horizontally. In its transform the Particle System object already has a -90° X axis rotation by default.
Why not just set that one to zero instead?

Hi heckert,

Did you test your idea? Does it work?

In many cases, there are multiple ways to make something work in Unity, and Rick cannot show all of them. If your way works, it’s a solution by definition. :slight_smile:

It does work and it seems much simpler to me to reset one rotation instead of adding a counter-rotation in another place. I was thinking there might be some less obvious side-effects to this, so there might be a deeper reason for Rick’s approach.
(But then, it might simply be a way to focus more on the Particle system’s modules, therefore not so much a technical reason about it…)

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