Why Proxy?

I reviewed the link/proxy videos and I wonder still would this be effective for modeling a simple room? The liking might be good for working textures and material data, but why would I need to proxy at all?
Would not working on the direct mesh/objects be just as good, or is this an industry requirement I need to learn if I go to work in the modeling field.
Sorry if I seem lost, I’m not going for over complex models just yet.

I GUESS it’s the whole idea of the game asset pack. I opted to model my own bedroom at first, and find link/proxy don’t make much sense in my case. I think it depends on the nature of the project you’re modelling.

Anyway I’ve stopped modelling my own room and went back to making a church which focus more on constructing the exterior with static meshes.

Considered your post was 2 weeks old, have you come up with a solution? :slight_smile:

One of the jobs of a designer isnt to create an entire model in a scene but to create modular parts for the developer to put together in the game engine.
It happens this section covers both so you can build a model in blender and larn all the tools needed.

It also makes the level of detail interchangable. This is how they change graphics settings in game with a slider it just sets your game to load a different LOD model.
I hope this clarifies this question and please if you post a question in the forums and you are not getting a reply please tag me so i can find the post :slight_smile:

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Not so much time ago I received a proposal of designing a small room. I am not so good at this, I just took some online courses because it seemed interesting to me, so I started to look for more information of how I could do this work. Pretty much I understood almost all, except for the fact what was a proxy and how I could use it in designing a room, this is where started my research about proxies, I spent many hours on internet, until the client offered me to try iproyal.com
where I could ask any question I needed and also these guys provided me with a proxy.
I just wanted to share with you, in case anyone needs this type of help

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It all depends on your polygon count and whether you have any restrictions on them. This is particularly a factor in games. The bigger the room or world the more polygons it saves. It can also help rendering any scene reducing memory needed.

There is also the factor Marc mentions, again game related, a modeler tends to make ‘Lego’ bricks for the game maker to build their levels with. Not be the one creating a one off finished world.

Your single room for your own art has little use for proxies at all.
This course also heavily informs on game issues as a very large portion doing it are doing so related to game making interests. They are still useful concepts, being very away of the sheer number of polygons in any scene. The bigger the file gets the slower any machine runs in the end.

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