Why one scene is cloning another scene parameters endless?

Hey there!

I share some “problem” I’m experiencing right now.

I have one scene that seems to be a “parent” of another child, and I’m not able to modify anithing:

When I try to modify any aspect of scene called “Nivell2”, -in this example is the background and albedo, but if I modify block positions or something else this crazy behaviour continues-, nothing is well saved. I change to another scene and when I return to “Nivell2” scene everything is configured as its parent -here the scene called “Nivell0”.

I don’t know why is happening. This is happening only in this scene and only in this direction Nivell0 -> Nivell2. So, if I modify something in “Nivell0”, then “Nivell2” scene catch all and implements itself.

I’m not sure what’s happening and how to stop this malfunction. Any idea?


I reply myself:

I’ve found nothing anywhere, so I though it’s a bug. Close and reopen Unity and this behavior dissapears. Maybe it’s useful to any of you!

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