Why my text is not loaded in the build version?

Hi. I just wanna know why I missed at the momento of build my project, because in the intern player from Unity everything goes perfect, but in the build version nothing happen.


Hi GersonMontenegro.

Can you provide some code and/or a ZIP of your project files to review? Need this to tell what’s happened.

Sure, I zipped only the .SLN and the Assets folder, because, you know, the whole project has about 100MB.

I followed all the same steps, and, like I said before, it works from Unity, but not from the build version. I builded it like stand alone, and like webgl.

Any idea?, thanks.

text101_b.zip (4.8 MB)

Hi Horusofoz, I found the error.

Thanks to the next exercise, the Number Wizard, I figured out that I don’t put my scene in the builder window…some how I created a new one, and at that moment I didn’t know that it was necessary to do that.

Thanks :slight_smile:


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