Why lighter red part of bed?

I think I understand the reason for lighter vs darker brown of the bed, it adding 3 dimensionality, I think with the light source being directly down on the bed. I’m guessing that’s also why the pillow has two colors. I’m not sure about the red sheets though, they wouldn’t be higher up in the part that is lighter or something. Is it to smooth into the pillow color? Or something else? I’m a total beginner at art and I feel like some things are either being skipped over or not repeated enough in this course so far.

I feel like the light red here marks the edge of the blankets, perhaps where they are pulled up around the pillow? I think you could also go darker at the same spot and create a shadow around the pillow.
I think playing with it a little, it does create a good separation to make the pillow distinct from the blankets.

Part of doing shadows is as much creating contrast as it is mimicking realistic lighting.

Thank you, that makes some sense.

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