Why is the key falling down in y axis?

Why does the key continuously fall down in y axis? Although in the course, it shows that it stays on the ground.

The key requires collision settings to be set so as default so it passes through the floor once gravity is enabled. This is actually mentioned and changes are made to the key.

I added a mesh collider to the floor to prevent the key from falling down continuously. Is that correct?

I can’t remember off the top of my head but it is covered in the course. Earlier on the Instructor demonstrates this and the key falling through the floor. He then shows it being placed on the drawer which does have a collider and it stays on top. It is worth reviewing this again as he shows the solution.

Okay thanks. i fixed that with mesh collider. But then i am unable to grab the key although i followed everything as the instructor had shown.

There’s always something tiny. It’ll be the layer or something, perhaps it is not set to grabbable or something. Generally, watch the videos a couple of times, sometimes slower. I’ve watched some of then 10 or more times before I spot something that was missed so be patient.

okay thank you so much.

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