Why is my ship always skewed to the right?

I noticed a few lectures back that my ship was always pointed a little to the right when it was in the middle of the screen. I tried to rotate the ship and the camera, move it from side to side, change just about everything I could, and it always seems to point a little to the right - as if the perspective point is to the right of center. I figured over time I would figure it out. However, now this lecture is doing particles, it is amplifying the problem because I won’t be able to hit one side of the screen, and I’ll over-index on the other. I tried doing extreme placements of my camera and ship and rotations to see if I can get it to do anything different with the perspective point, but I can’t seem to figure it out. Any advice?

Hi John,

Could you perhaps pop a screenshot up, and ideally with the ship selected and the Inspector visible, might help shed some light.

Without further information I can only guess you have an “issue” with the transform of your base GameObject or one of it’s children, perhaps. The screenshot requested might help with something like that…

Check the prefab transform, and the transforms of the children too, perhaps. Does the parent transform exist at “origin”? (x=0, y=0, z=0) with zero rotations? If so, keep checking down the line of child object transforms…

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I was messing so much with positions and rotations… The problem was with the code I think. I didn’t have f after one of my numbers when initializing the variable. The yew changes weren’t doing anything in game. So sorry about that oversight. Now that I fixed the code issue, let me go play around and see if I can get it looking right. I’ll post in this thread later if I still can’t get it to work right, but I didn’t want anyone wasting more brain power here now while I investigate further.

Thank you both for the very quick response.

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You’re more than welcome John, hope you resolve it, always satisfying to do it yourself, but help is on hand if you want a second, or third, pair of :eyes: on it :nerd_face:

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