Why is my game is not uploading?

I try to upload my game ( Text 101 ) using Chrome browser and during the build, the game works fine but when I try to upload there is some processing and from half an hour it still shows processing … any suggestion…?


Where are you trying to upload it to, ShareMyGame.com / Itch.io / Other?


Thanks for the further information.

In most cases, the continual processing message is caused by either the structure of your zip file being incorrect, or, the software you’ve used to create the zip file.

For the structure, after you’ve built your game you will have a folder which contains the index.html file and the other folders, it is this parent folder that you need to zip.

Regarding the software, if you are running Windows, just use the Send to / Compressed (zipped) folder from the context menu when you right-click the parent folder.

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Thanks a lot , It worked.
Actually the problem is that I used Win rar to make zip file which creates some problem …
Now everything is working fine.

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Glad to hear you have it working.

Winrar, by default, uses a slightly different compression format I believe, I think there are options which you can set to make it behave more like Winzip.

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