Why is C++ a PAIN on Unreal? How do GameDevs handle it?

"I’m not talking about the language itself, but the workflow in compiling and setup. Either VSCode or Visual Studio has IntelliSense completely broken, compilations take a lot of time, and sometimes I end up coding blindly. Comparing it to Unity, where it’s a Ctrl + S and instantly updates, I can’t comprehend how professional Unreal Engine developers make it work.

What are your recommendations? What am I missing?

Hi and welcome to the community.

I work with both unreal and unity and the compilation performance between the 2 are pretty similar and sometimes faster in unreal. Yes, you do have to initiate the build but it takes 2 seconds to build changes. I find unity switching from code editor can take 5 to 10 seconds sometimes.

Setup. It is a little involved and yes unity is fairly simple in comparison. Basically the installer doesn’t add in the net runtime and you need to install studio separately. Saying that, they always just worked for me. I normally use rider however (also for unity) and never encountered issues with intellisense. I used to use visual studio and only had issues when reshsrper is installed so switched to rider as a result.

Work flow.
The biggest gain for me witn Unreal over Unity is many features are done with consistency. Most things work in a similar way so it is easier to move from area to area.

I feel the process of working through projects is not so different between them. You build up your prefabs/blueprints but the main difference is you can create a class that builds up all these components and you can then create different blueprints based off the. This is the biggest difference between them and it does take a bit getting used to.

Overall, given the choice I usually alway will go with Unreal. I don’t even use C++ that much, only when I need to honestly.

The most annoying thing about unreal is when creating classes, sometimes you have to exit the editor and build from the code editor. I have found myself running projects from poweshell from command line while just working in rider. This is a really nice way of working with the code and not worrying about the unreal editor.

Anyway, not sure if this helps or answers your question. Feel free to ask more questions and we can try answer as best as we can.

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Thanks for the response :blush:, i been learning Unreal and C++ and i love it, my mayor issue is the intellisense on VSCode and Visual Studio, i followed a lot of setups in diferent videos and in the courses, but it always end up breaking and making the coding experience slow and blind.

There’s an option in unreal to refresh the project, I think under the tools menu… This usually corrects it. Also, you can right click on the uproject file in explorer and select generate visual studio files which helps for studio anyway. The first option works for all editors.

VS code is not really meant for C++ but the plugins enable it. I have never used it myself and tend to avoid it where possible. Visual studio with the project refresh usually always behaves.

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