Why I'm doing this course

Hi there! My name is Annika, but everyone calls me Brika so that’s perfectly fine. I’m making this post as part of the challenge saying hi to the community - I also joined Discord and such but I am a sucker for forums so that’s the channel I’ve chosen!

I’m originally from the Netherlands but now live in London. I’m from '91, so 27 at the time of writing this.

Why this course? Well I studied Game Design & Development in the Netherlands (graduated 2015) and just love gaming. During my studies I focused on Game Design with a strong passion for storytelling, and even wrote my thesis on that (‘the influence of interactive storytelling on the emotional affect of the player’). People apparently liked it because I won the thesis award for that year. Sadly I wasn’t in the best place after uni so I just grabbed the first job thrown at me which was as a programmer at a financial company. I’ve worked with C# for a year and also learned some Java (and a bunch of other, less interesting things). That definitely improved my coding skills (something I kinda ignored during my studies) but I’ve really missed video games and want to get back into it.

My greatest motivation (and the reason I chose the 2D course) is that my girlfriend of almost 4 years is a huge Zelda fan, and I want to build a really fun, Zelda-like RPG in which I, well, propose to her. You know, receive notifications or emails on my phone so I know the right time to pop up behind her on one knee or something (when she finds the artefact the princess asked her to find - or whatever, I haven’t finished the whole design yet). Oh and also build a portfolio to hopefully get a job at a video game company some day.

Other hobbies include writing (storytelling, duh) and martial arts. I think that’s enough for now, hit me up for a chat any time and I’m sure I’ll be around on whichever channel with questions and I’ll try to help out if I can as well!


Welcome to the community Annika :slight_smile:

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Welcome and greetings from Belgium :wink:

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