Why i can't see slime on screen?

Hello, i’ve at the step to put slime with drag/drop to the screen, but when i do it, nothing are show.

Does i have a parameter missing? Using Unity 22.3

Thanks for your help.

can you see the slime’s sprite?
if yes, try checking the sorting layer for slime

Hi, thanks for your reply.
I see the slime’s sprite on the hierarchy path, on the left side as you see on my image, i just get the scare and hollow of the slime.
But if i remove the Square sprite (the green background)… the slime are appear… Looks like the background go in front on the slime’s sprite.

Thanks again.

yes, it is because of sorting layer, just google how sorting layer works, and you will fix it.

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ohhhh!! nice, thats worked, maybe i’ve skipped something during the video! thanks a lot, everything is good now!

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