Why does my ship object spins when im moving it with timeline?

Hello everyone,
While i was animating my ship object in the Argon Assault game i noticed a very strange behavior of the ship, im adding key frames on the timeline so the ship can move on a path then playing the scene and watching the ship just rotating around it’s y axis… very strange. I’m not changing the ship rotation between the keyframes, just moving it forward.

Here’s a short video of what’s heppening on my screen.

Hi Martin,

Have you already checked the animation of your ship?

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what you mean? are you asking if i solved the problem?

I watched your video, which shows your Timeline only. I cannot see any additional information like the position or rotation values of the Player Rig.

You said you did not change the rotation. However, this does not necessarily mean that the animation does not contain any rotation.

If you do not know what I mean, redo the animation of the Player Rig unless there is a part you are so happy with that you do not want to lose it.

If you can see a rotation in the animation, you could either try to fix it or you could redo the animation. I often do the latter because that’s often faster than editing something that looks completely wrong.

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