Why does my finished animation work nothing like it did before i rendered it?

Edit: altered y question since I have the video now

I have finished rigging the physics for my bowling ball and pins. I check beforehand and all the animation and physics look great and work exactly like its supposed to. but, whenever I render my animations and play it, it will play perfectly well for about 50 frames then freeze. I have done multiple tests and none of my ideas work. I would absolutely love it if somebody could help me. (The video: https://youtu.be/4KiGvf9VwII
It is supposed to be a smooth animation with the pins falling down and such but as you can see the bowling ball just flies around for a few frames and the pins down move. it did not look like this at all before I rendered the video.)

Edit 2:
| https://drive.google.com/file/d/1wEL945nBAV9Grz05pD6fH00obGynskja/view?usp=sharing | Here is the link of me showing what the animation looks like before rendering. I used obs and I’m on a mac and I’m not used to obs so the frames are really bad but basically what happens is a bowling ball hits the pins and kinda misses then a bunch of other bowling balls go through and hit the pins (hence why some people saw multiple bowling balls in the render)

Edit 3:
here is the blend file as well if that will help anyone: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1LsfAyrKrrpj6hVeZrFHJ-kXoUE56N7qP/view?usp=sharing

To show video here you need to host it on U-tube or vimerio, or any hosting site,and link it to here.

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Great idea! i edited my post to show the video. thanks!

I think for anyone to diagnose the problem they will need some full screenshots of it. I can just make out at 4 secs there are two balls, then they disappear without hitting the pins, (which look odd too but might be intended).

Wow, I saw at least three balls, something is definately off with that. I would love to take a look at your blend file if you’ll let me. (drop it into DropBox or OneDrive or GoogleDrive and post the link here to share). The video is so short and the camera so close to the pins that it’s pretty hard to see what is actually going on. I think the whole segment with the ball(s) only last a split second and thats just not enough time to see what’s going on.

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Looks like you have some odd keyframing at the point of impact.
Either the physics and animation are fighting which is why we switch them over or you have some keyframes that are putting the ball back to the starting position as you change over to the physics.
Check the keyframing around the ball impact as compared with mine

Maybe your ball is moving too fast.
The distance of the ball between two frames is to wide, to let blender detect a collision.
the ball position steps over the pins.

https://drive.google.com/file/d/1wEL945nBAV9Grz05pD6fH00obGynskja/view?usp=sharing heres a video of it pre-render (excuse the low frames i don’t know how to fix it :confused: )


here is the blend file! i edited my comment to explain the bowling balls as well

thank you for you help!

somebody suggested to send my blend file as well so here is that too


thanks for your help!

I’ve sent you a request for access to the file.

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@TreeHead, I’ve looked through your file and identified several potential issues.

  • The first thing I noticed is that your Hierarchy was a mess so, I took a moment to clean it up. Doing so clearly revealed the next issue. But, before I list that one, here is a screengrab of what I did.
  • As is made plain by the Hierarchy, I noted that you have 10 different bowling balls in the scene and each with their animation. I recommend picking 1 and deleting the others. This will not only simplify the animation process, but it will reduce the workload on your processor when rendering.
  • The next thing I noted was the settings for your render. Not sure you need a 10-second video for this project but that’s not an issue. However, knowing the target length is very important when setting up and/or analyzing an animation.
  • Once I knew the target length, I started looking at the different balls in your scene and ran through the animation… the actions with the pins and the first ball to strike should have been over in 2 seconds but none of the balls actually hit the pins. To be fair that was probably on me, as part of my cleaning I joined all the background planes into one object. And with the assigned rigidbody the balls did what I should have expected.
  • Physics Properties: I noticed all of your objects were given an active rigidbody with a convex hull. I recommend going through your objects and assigning them more appropriate rigidbody settings. The bowling lane and background planes should be set to passive and given a mesh collider and the bowling ball will do much better with a sphere collider. The pins on the other hand are fine with what they have.
  • But speaking of the pins, take a look at their geometry. After the first run of a rendered animation, I noticed they act very weird after impact so I looked into them next. You will need to move their Origins to their Center of mass if you want them to behave properly.
  • And that leads to the final item, you will want to move your bowling lane down (-z) just a couple hairs so that it plays nicely with the physics colliders on the ball and pins. Alternately, you could move all the pins up far enough to clear the lane’s collider when you fix their origins. Doing that means you will only have to move the bowling ball up a couple of smidges when you work out which one of them you want to use.
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