Why does my Bull and Cow game not work?

I went to download the source file to my computers file directly how the instructor had shown and described but the folder says its type: UPPROJECT File and not type: Unreal engine like how it was displayed on the instructors. My file won’t run basically.

Note: I only downloaded it and didn’t do anything other than click where I was told to, again step by step. Thank you in advance for answering and if it is just unable to for whatever reason. Does anyone think I can follow along without the file. It’ll of course be different but I just want to learn Unreal with C++ so I don’t think that’ll be to much of a stretch if I follow along with some random assets or what not.

Again Thank you!

Which version of Unreal are you using? This was designed for UE4 and not sure if it works with UE5 which is why I ask. This is also from an older course and it has since been updated and this section archived.

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