Why do you want to get Unity certified?

We would love to know your reasons for wanting to get unity certified. Is it to get a job? Is it to build your own confidence? Maybe it’s just as a personal challenge? Perhaps to get some more credibility to your studio. Whatever your reason please share it with us here

To both increase my confidence in using Unity and to help me get a job… I’ve built games in Unity and I just don’t know when I should consider my skills good enough to accept an offer of employment. I tend to work as a PM most of the time, but have designed multiple games and help build them before. I just feel getting certified would show my baseline skill set is worthy of employment. Ironically being a dev pays less than my PM position, but I find the dev work more rewarding…

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Thanks William

My reason is for credibility for me and my studio. I plan on taking the unity certification exam at Unite LA in November.

I’m taking the Certification course not specifically to get certified, but because it’s a systematic look at every element of the Unity editor. I feel that will expose me to things I might not even know exist that will help me with my gamedev work.

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Simply I wan’t to learn from masters.

I’ve got 5-6 years server side game dev and small animator, unity dev experience, and wan’t to start again. I’m a webprogrammer, app dev and programmer yet and wan’t to stay this position, but I love games and the engines, the worlds and the system behind the ui.

I’m interested in learning game development and specifically Unity any way I can, so a course that’s designed to lead to a comprehensive certification sounds like a reliable way to do that. :wink: As for why I would want to get certified? It would help me in job hunting, although right now, I already have a job (in IT, but not in game dev), so I’m not exactly job hunting at the moment, but adding to my certifications would make for a good rainy day policy. But in addition, game development is simply something I want to do, and if a certification would help me reach that goal as an indie project, either to join someone else’s team or build my own, all the better.

Is that a comprehensive enough answer, or was I just rambling? :wink:

I’d be interested in using said certification to get a job, and to boost my confidence. I’d also be interested to see if there’s even a demand for Unity certified developers among big game dev studios, since they tend to use their own in-house software.

@sampattuzzi will be interested in this thread as he continues to build-out the course.

As for the big studios, it may be the kind of thing where it shows initiative, discipline, willingness to learn, yadda-yadda-yadda, and if they have their own in-house software, they probably train their new devs on how to use it anyway, but the certification will probably signal to them that it will be easier to train you rather than someone that didn’t (not that that’s necessarily true, but it’ll be perceived that way).

I suspect as indie studios tend to proliferate more, those that have come to depend on Unity and even put that in their job descriptions will probably give a lot more weight to the certification, though, and that’s where it will make a huge difference.

I too want to certified by unity but unfortunately there isn’t any exam center for unity in Nepal.:disappointed_relieved:

That’s a shame, you can still benefit a lot from taking the course. Hopefully Udemy will make this possible online sometime.

Indeed I am!

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I’ll be taking this course as soon as I complete the Unreal course. Mostly as a challenge to myself but also so I can expand my skillset.

I wont be doing it anytime soon but it’ll be for my own confidence and achievement.

I’m fancying doing it at some point this year, get a jolly down to Brighton at the same time to celebrate or commiserate :slight_smile:

For no real reason apart from my own personal hobby development. Need to gen up on the boundary services topics which I have never touched and a bit more on mechanim. Need to also make a cheat sheet of shortcuts/menu items to try and memorise the specifics. Its ok when your in front of the editor you know where to go, but rattle them off the top of my head… Nope lol

Awesome! The trip down to Brighton was indeed a fun one. Had a pint on the peer to celebrate after the exam.

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I could say my main reason is for the confidence boost and for job later on. I start programming with unity as a hobbyist, but am considering to make it as income. So getting certified is the first step to see if I’m fits with it.

I’m gonna take the test next month (July 19th to be exact). And I hope this class cover enough materials prior that time to help me preparing (and hopefully pass) for the test. :slight_smile:

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I’m looking for anyway to transition from web development to game development - the Unity Certification seems like a great way to get recognised evidence that I know what I’m doing. Hopefully one day I’ll finally be able to spend my days making video games! :grin:

I want to get Unity certified as I hope that the certification will help me get a job using Unity to develop games. I’ve been using Unity for six months, taking your great Complete Unity Developer course, and have learnt so much in a relatively short amount of time. I think that being Unity certified, along with the small games I have developed, will give me something to show potential employers as evidence of my skills.

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