Why do the textures flash when I fire in-game?

Quick question: on Warehouse Wreckage, whenever I’m in game, either firing or just kind of moving around, the textures will flash (change momentarily to white/blank) or tear. It happens whether I’m running in the editor window, or a separate game window, even if I compile textures first. I’ve got a 3080 card, so it’s not that… any thoughts? Thanks!

EDIT: I think I may have stumbled on something… for the scene, I have both ‘Walls’ as well as ‘WallsSubtract’, and I THINK I have some Z-fighting going on between the two. Did I texture one incorrectly? Maybe I shouldn’t have textures the ‘WallsSubtract’ at all? I’m going to re-watch those lectures, but a bit of assistance wouldn’t hurt!

Could you show a screenshot so I understand a bit better?

Lumen does not play nice with the BSPs for the walls and room. Try the modeling mode, then use BSPConv and select all valid brushes. Then Accept in the viewport to Convert BSP.

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