Why do the textures flash when I fire in-game?

Quick question: on Warehouse Wreckage, whenever I’m in game, either firing or just kind of moving around, the textures will flash (change momentarily to white/blank) or tear. It happens whether I’m running in the editor window, or a separate game window, even if I compile textures first. I’ve got a 3080 card, so it’s not that… any thoughts? Thanks!

EDIT: I think I may have stumbled on something… for the scene, I have both ‘Walls’ as well as ‘WallsSubtract’, and I THINK I have some Z-fighting going on between the two. Did I texture one incorrectly? Maybe I shouldn’t have textures the ‘WallsSubtract’ at all? I’m going to re-watch those lectures, but a bit of assistance wouldn’t hurt!

Could you show a screenshot so I understand a bit better?

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