Why do I keep "losing" my grabber component?

I don’t know how many times this has happened now. At least 10 or 15 times. I keep getting the Warning and Error: “LogScript: Warning: Accessed None trying to read property Grabber
BP_Player_C /Game/UEDPIE_0_Dungeon.Dungeon:PersistentLevel.BP_Player_C_0
Function /Game/BP_Player.BP_Player_C:ExecuteUbergraph_BP_Player:00F9
PIE: Error: Blueprint Runtime Error: “Accessed None trying to read property Grabber”.”

When it happens I have to delete these blueprint nodes (below) and recompile and then re-add them.

It happens when I’m not even messing with the Grabber component at all. The last time it happened after I generated the TriggerComponent and compiled. I’ve closed UE and deleted the Binaries, Intermediate, and Saved directories (something you shouldn’t really ever need to do apparently, but I’m real tired of dealing with this bug) I’ve cleaned and recompiled from VS Code, and I’ve done a combination of those, followed by a LiveCoding compilation.

STILL KEEPS HAPPENING! I love UE for so many reasons, but as soon as you step in to CPP it gets wacky. Not a deal breaker, but I’m learning that CPP is to be used when necessary and Blueprints are a much more reliable and less buggy way to work.

Back to the point, does anyone know how to stop something like this, or is it just another bug we live with?

Update: I can recreate the issue reliably now. If I modify any header file, then close UE (as everything says I should) and compile from VS Code using the Win64 Development Build task, it will cause the problem every time.

When I do this and relaunch the editor and hit play I can’t pick up the statue and I get the message that I’m hitting nothing, although the debug lines pass through the statue.

I then recompile using the editor (screenshot below) and run the game again, I get the errors and warning from the original post.

I then open the BP_Player and delete the grabber node and the two function calls and drag in grabber from the components view. At this point pulling off of the Grabber node and searching for Grab or Release returns no results. If I hit the compile button again I can re-add the function calls.

At least it’s consistent.

Update again: Annnnnnd now it’s happening to the TriggerComponent on the secret wall too, so I get to go though this every time I edit a header file? What is this going to be like when I have hundreds of blueprints using my cpp components?

Update: Happens every time I close and reopen UE Editor. Don’t even need to edit a header file.

How in the * can Unreal Editor and Unreal Engine be so mature, have so many amazing tools, and fall so short when it comes to this?

Are you sure you are using the right build task? i.e.

ProjectNameEditor Win64 Development
and not
ProjectName Win64 Development

I think that is my problem. I have been using CryptRaider Win64 Developement Build. The CryptRaiderEditor Win64 Development build won’t run if I leave the editor open (that’s a good thing IMO because we really shouldn’t be building with part of the codebase open)

Seems to compile and not break anything now. Thank you very much.

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